Will a Front Porch Add Value to My Home?

Deck Builders Meridian, ID - Will a Front Porch Add Value to My Home
Will a Front Porch Add Value to My Home - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

Families who need more room to load up their kids and pets before leaving the house often prioritize homes with front porches. However, do they increase the value of a home, or are they merely a beautiful addition?

Adding a front porch may significantly increase the value of your home by providing a welcoming entrance, enhancing the property’s curb appeal, and offering extra outdoor living space. The porch can be constructed to complement the home’s aesthetic and can be utilized for outdoor relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment.

There is still much to learn about front porches and how they can add beauty and value to your home. If you’ve pondered whether or not to add a porch to your home, this article will clarify things.

How Can A Front Porch Add Value To Your Home?

There are several ways in which a front porch can boost your home’s value. Here are a few instances where this is the case:

How Can A Front Porch Add Value To Your Home - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

1. Gives A Warm Welcome

A well-designed front porch add-on is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal and entice potential buyers. Basically, you can treat it like any other room in your house. Depending on the available space, you may be able to add a seating area and an outdoor rug to create a comfortable space to enjoy your front yard. Be sure to choose colors that complement your home.

2. Provides Additional Outdoor Space

Adding a porch to the front of a house provides your family extra room to enjoy the outdoors. Use this to unwind, host guests, or breathe fresh air. As a gathering place for family and friends, your home becomes more appealing to potential buyers who value family above all else.

3. Creates A More Ambient Atmosphere

When properly insulated, a front porch and deck can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent. A porch can reduce energy expenses for cooling and heating by offering shade and shelter from the weather. You may save money on lighting bills by planning your porch to take advantage of natural light.

4. Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Approximately 68% of homebuyers believe curb appeal is essential when purchasing a home. The exterior of your home is a mirror of the interior. Therefore, the more appealing it is, the more interested buyers will be in viewing it. A porch addition to house drastically increases its perceived value because it gives the impression that it is modern and spacious.

Things To Consider When Adding A Front Porch To Your House


When remodeling the front porch of your house, you need to consider several factors to ensure the porch is functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

Size and design

Consider the size and architectural style of your home while designing your porch. It should complement your house’s design and be positioned appropriately.

Building regulations and permits

Verify with your local building department that your porch conforms to all applicable building codes and that you have the relevant permits.


Choose durable, low-maintenance materials that complement the design of your home. Popular options include wood, composite, and vinyl.


If you or a household member has mobility challenges, consider installing ramps or handrails to make the porch accessible to everyone.

Illumination and electric

Consider installing porch lighting for safety and to extend porch use into the evening. Consider the electrical requirements for lights and any other potential additions. Think about which roofing material will best protect your porch and home from the elements.


Consider adding privacy features such as screens, curtains, or plants to your porch if it is visible from the street to create an intimate and private ambiance.


Consider the project’s total cost and ensure it falls within your budget.

Working with a skilled contractor and keeping these things in mind can help you build a porch addition to house that serves your needs, is secure for your family, and enhances your home’s curb appeal for years to come.

Is there a return on investment?

A well-constructed and maintained front porch add-on can improve the property’s energy efficiency. A front porch home may be a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing addition to any house, providing both practical and aesthetic benefits.

Is there a return on investment - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

When the time comes to sell, you will want to recover the cost of the porch. So, what is your investment’s return? Depending on the home market, the average return on a porch is around 82%. However, if the conditions are favorable, it is feasible to generate a profit by adding a porch, provided it is professionally designed and constructed.

Improve the look of your house with a brand-new porch!


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