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Expert Deck Repair and Restoration Services in Meridian, ID

Deck Repair and Restoration Services for Idaho Homeowners

A deck can be an excellent addition to your home – whether you choose to optimize the space for entertaining guests, throwing summer barbecues, or simply spending time outdoors. However, knowing that it is exposed to different elements, your deck is prone to damage. Keeping it clean, structurally sound, and well-maintained is vital to ensure it stays functional as the years go by.

Whether you’re looking for deck restoration services or in need of maintenance on an existing deck, the expert deck builders in  Meridian ID have the experience and skills required to repair and restore your deck to its former glory.

Deck Repair and Restoration Services in Meridian, ID

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Deck Repair and Maintenance

Having a deck will give you more room to enjoy and maximize your outdoor space with your friends and family. However, as a homeowner, you must keep up with the deck’s maintenance on a regular basis. Through this, you can see tiny problems before they become expensive issues.

The average cost of deck repairs is around $1,300, with most homeowners spending between $800 to $1,400, although the price may vary depending on the issue with your deck. Similar to other home improvements, if you need maintenance or repair, it is best to solve the problem as soon as possible. The following are five common deck issues that many homeowners will see:

Deck repair and restoration near me

Broken Deck Boards

Deck restoration company near me

Discolored Deck

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Deck Rot

Deck repair cost - Deck Builders Meridian ID

Slippery Decking

Deck restoration cost - Deck Builders Meridian ID

Termite Damage

Without a doubt, we all enjoy spending time outside on our decks, which makes it a must-have item for any home. It also increases the long-term value of your property. However, a damaged deck does not only decrease your resale value but also your usability. Regularly inspect your deck and if you see any deck issues we listed above, get it repaired by our team immediately.

Protect Your Investment: The Importance of Regular Deck Maintenance

Deck maintenance is important for several reasons:



Regular maintenance can help to prevent accidents and injuries by identifying and repairing any potential hazards such as loose boards, rusted nails, or rotting wood.



Regular maintenance can extend the life of your deck by protecting it from weathering, rot, and other types of damage caused by exposure to the elements.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal

A well-maintained deck can enhance the beauty of your home and outdoor living space, making it a more inviting and enjoyable place to spend time.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Regular maintenance can save you money in the long run by preventing the need for expensive repairs or replacements.



A well-maintained deck can increase the value of your home and property, making it a more attractive investment for potential buyers.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Proper maintenance can help reduce your deck's environmental impact by preventing the need for excessive use of chemicals or replacement materials

Why Choose Us For Deck Repair & Restoration

Your search for the “best deck repair near me” is over. Because you’ve found Deck Builders Meridian ID and we’re the deck contractor you’ve been looking for.

As a well-respected and trusted deck building company in Meridian, Idaho, our mission has always been to do every project efficiently. Our team assures that you get excellent workmanship and competitive prices. Below are the following benefits you get when you work with our team:

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Competitive Prices

Extensive Experience in Decking Solutions - Deck Builders Meridian ID

Extensive Experience in Decking Solutions

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Top Deck Services Provider in the Meridian Idaho area

Excellent Service Quality for efficiency and durability - Deck Builders Meridian ID

Excellent Service Quality for Efficiency and Durability

Updated Styles to Meet Every Client’s Preferences and Style - Deck Builders Meridian ID

Updated Styles to Meet Every Client’s Preferences and Style

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Competitive Prices from Your Deck Repair Contractors

Whether your deck is a maintenance project or an investment in your home, we assure you that you are in safe hands when you coordinate with our team. We will be transparent with you about your options and assist you in making a decision concerning the project. Our mission at Deck Builders Meridian ID is to give our clients only integrity and quality.

Deck Builders Meridian ID provides deck renovation, repair, and building services at Meridian, Idaho, and surrounding areas. Our team of builders takes pride in developing durable and elegant decks that not only increase the value of your home but add an outdoor space you can enjoy for many years to come.

We employ highly experienced pool deck builders, deck builders and installers to complete your deck construction and repair project from beginning to end. Deck Builders Meridian ID is a reliable and insured deck company. We look forward to working with you on your deck maintenance and restoration projects.