Porch or Deck: What’s the Difference?

Porch or Deck Whats the Difference - Deck Builders Meridian ID
Deck Builders Meridian, ID - Porch or Deck What's the Difference

Enjoying the outdoor weather while spending time with family and friends is one of the best benefits of outdoor living space, and these experiences are best enjoyed on decks and porches. As popular outdoor home features, porches and decks can effectively add more functionality and visual appeal to your home’s entire landscape.

Porches and decks provide a place for visitors to enjoy the outdoors, increase the value of your property, and have, at the very least, flooring and railings. But depending on the characteristics of your home’s current façade, you may have to modify how you arrange your outdoor living area to make it both beautiful and valuable.

If you’re thinking about making improvements to your home but aren’t sure if you should build a deck or a porch, here are some of their differences that might help you decide.

Deck versus Porch

Deck vs Porch - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

A porch and a deck can look very similar from the outside, but a porch is a covered enclosure, while a deck is usually an open platform. Porches differ from decks in that a porch often has an awning and offers additional protection before entering the house. A porch is an extension of your entryway, whereas a deck is often built in the backyard and utilized as a recreational area. The two can occasionally cross paths, as in the case of a house with a wraparound porch that opens to a back deck.

All About Decks

All About Decks - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

Decks are wood-frame structures without a roof often constructed at the back of your house. You can put a deck anywhere on your property, depending on its location and how much space it has. Some people prefer a deck off the side of their house, while others opt for one in their backyard.

Deck Materials

Deck Materials - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

A deck can be constructed using a variety of resources. Although wood is the most typical material for decking, wood-plastic composite decks have rapidly gained popularity among most deck contractors in ID. While wood decks may be more economical, they may also require more maintenance since you must paint or stain them to keep them from rotting. Although more expensive, composite materials are easier to replace if damaged and require less upkeep.

Deck Designs

Deck Designs - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

A unique deck design, like the floating or unattached deck design, is gaining popularity among architectural and land design. Similar benefits to the two main types of decks are offered by floating or unattached deck designs, which differ from the standard designs since they are not attached to the home. This arrangement simply ignores the requirement that a deck is attached while enabling visitors to take advantage of amenities like a fire pit or dining area farther into the yard.

All About Porches

All About Porches - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

The porch is an outdoor structure with breathable walls covered for safety. A front porch increase the value of a home & it’s meant to protect visitors from the elements as they wait to enter your house. You may sit outside in any weather without worrying about rain, sun, snow, or other elements because the porch has a cover or roof over it.

Porch Designs and Materials

Porch Designs and Materials - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

A porch is typically constructed into the supporting structure of the house, which means that it is an outdoor construction but is connected to the home itself. It is a permanent covering that frequently extends the roof of the house. Plastic, PVC, wood, aluminum, and solid stone are some of the most frequently used in porch construction.

There are several porch alternatives and porch services in ID available. For instance, you might prefer screened porch walls over one that is open-air and without walls. Taking service from the best porch company in ID will help you decide what type of porch fits your home’s overall aesthetics.

Cost of Building a Deck and Porch

Cost of Building a Deck and Porch - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

Generally, deck building cost may between $5,000 and $20,000. Depending on the scale of the project, whether you want a tiny deck where you can sit and relax outside your house or a huge one where you can spend time with friends, building a deck is labor extensive.

On the other hand, when deciding whether to proceed with building a porch, weigh the costs and advantages of screening it, which essentially entails installing screens to make the porch enclosed rather than open.

Screens are ideal for areas where bugs are a problem since they also keep unwanted debris from getting onto the porch. Building a big, custom screened-in porch can cost up to $10,000. A non-enclosed porch costs between $2,000 and $5,000.

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