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Why Are My Deck Boards Rotting?

Why Are My Deck Boards Rotting - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

Having a deck is truly a worthy investment to add to any home. As a homeowner, you might be wondering how to keep yours functional and attractive for many years, which includes preventing it from rotting. Dry rot is a type of fungus that causes woods like cypress, redwood, mahogany, cedar, and pressure-treated wood to become weak.

After a couple of years, you may start to notice the signs of dry rot: discoloration, sponginess, and the deck breaking down when wet. The cellulose that keeps the wood and its various layers together disappear due to moisture and insects that eat it up. Wood, which is the most common type of material used for deck building, then becomes frail and falls apart eventually.

Common Reasons that Wood Decks Rot

Common Reasons that Wood Decks Rot - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

1. Untreated wood is, as expected, susceptible to decay and rot brought on by the weather. Each season tends to affect the quality of your wood deck, such that spring and autumn keep it wet for longer, the winter snow creates excessive moisture inside when it melts, and the summer sun beats down on it the entire season.

2. Debris gathering between boards like leaves also decay. Together, the fungus and the bacteria from this debris begin to eat away at the wood as well.

3. Standing water that is stuck in decks, especially those that were created in slanted form, can cause rot. The longer the water remains, the higher the chance for rotting to occur.

4. Termites are the worst enemies of wood, which require immediate treatment to avoid the wood being overtaken by the whole army. Keep in mind that nothing has yet been guaranteed to completely eliminate this problem.

5. Weather has a great impact on wood, too. The freeze-thaw cycle starts when wood expands after being cold and then goes back to its normal size when it gets hot.

However, as this cycle continues, cracks begin to appear in the coating of the wood; the moisture trapped inside the wood causes the rot to begin.

Avoiding Dry Rot in Decks

Avoiding Dry Rot in Decks - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

Homeowners have a way of curing the problem before it actually becomes worse. Dry rot doesn’t just happen instantly. Of course, you can do something to stop it from happening. Below are the steps on how you can do it.

Step 1. Identify and fix the leak.

Step 2. Dry the wood.

Step 3. Use a sealer or a stain to stop moisture from coming back or getting stuck inside it again.

Aside from such steps above, cleaning your deck of all debris, dirt, and mildew is a key to maintaining a well-functioning deck for longer years.

How to Fix It

Deck Builders Meridian, ID - How to Fix It

Adding a deck to your home is an investment many homeowners desire. Thus, if you have one, letting it rot is not a good idea. When dry rot starts to ruin your precious deck, make sure you take these steps to guarantee its good quality and safety.

· Identify wood rot

· Remove rotten wood deck boards

· Cut off rotten deck posts

· Demolish rotten wood deck railing and guards

· Dispose of the rotten woods

Caring for your deck may be stressful for some, especially if it involves repair and other tasks that only professionals can do well. Since you spent the money to build a beautiful deck, don’t

let anything, even the changing seasons, cause you to lose it or ruin it. Know that there are deck building professionals who can help you protect it from the elements.

Top Professional Deck Repair Service

Top Professional Deck Repair Service - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

Deck Builders Meridian ID are properly trained and equipped to perform any deck building services you need. Our expertise includes deck design and installation, deck repair & restoration, and much more. When you want a deck that’s built to last, consider calling us at 208-536-8966. We cater to all homeowners in Meridian, Boise & others area in  ID and to nearby towns.

No other deck building contractor can deliver like we can and at very affordable prices as well. We believe you deserve the best for your family and home.

Rest assured that any requests you have in creating your outdoor living space will be incorporated in the planning. Contact us today to hear our expert advice and get your free quote right away.



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Why Are My Deck Boards Rotting - Deck Builders Meridian, ID

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