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Shade Structures and Pergolas Builders in Idaho

Let Us Build Your Pergolas or Shade Structures for Decks

Enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior with a pergola or shade structure with the help of Deck Builders Meridian ID. We can build either of them to allow you to enjoy the outdoors regardless of external conditions. You can relax and enjoy the day without being overwhelmed by the overpowering heat of the sun!

Let our builders extend your outdoor experience from fall to winter by having a solid cover or building a shade fabric for the existing cover.

Aside from deck building, Deck Builders Meridian ID also offers free-standing pergolas, screened-in porches, and sun rooms in Meridian & other areas in ID. Feel free to view our photo gallery. You can also call our friendly representatives to discuss our pergola designs and shade structures installation.

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Traditional Cedar and Redwood Pergolas

We offer all kinds of wood pergolas with an all-new design with joists, beams, large rough-cut cedar posts, or the use of traditional redwood. We also generate black powder-coated hardware to improve the appearance of your cedar pergolas. Given the various wood products, giving your new pergola a protective treatment is essential to keeping the wood's everlasting beauty.

Here at Deck Builders Meridian ID, we treat and improve your cedar or redwood pergolas. You can visit our photo gallery and take a look at our shade structures and pergolas. You may also contact our kind associates to assist you on your next pergola project.

Traditional Cedar and Redwood Pergolas - Deck Builders Meridian ID

Build a Modern Vinyl & Fiberglass Pergolas

Pergolas Installation in Meridian, ID - Deck Builders Meridian ID

If you are searching for a maintenance-free, less-hassle pergola, then look no further! We offer solutions for your construction and design needs. Suppose you are also looking for a way to cool down your yard without the hassle of painting or staining. In that case, we recommend you install a vinyl and fiberglass patio.

Other easy-to-install options have the excellent characteristic of wood. Still, without its high-maintenance attribute – vinyl is one good example. Vinyl is a popular option for the fencing and decking industry and becoming an attractive choice for many pergola projects.

With vinyl, you can choose between white or tan. Fiberglass, on the other hand, can be painted with any color you like. Both fiberglass and vinyl are engineered for the climate in Idaho and can indeed combat the test of time. If you have any questions about vinyl or fiberglass pergola designs, feel free to talk to our customer representatives. Check out our photo gallery and check out the pergolas we have constructed over the years.

Experience the Benefits of Shade Structures and Pergolas for Your Outdoor Oasis

Shade structures and pergolas are popular additions to outdoor living spaces for several reasons. Here are some benefits of shade structures and pergolas: 


Protection From The Elements

A well-designed shade structure or pergola can provide shade and shelter from harsh sun, rain, and wind.

Increased Outdoor Living Space Icon

Increased Outdoor Living Space

A pergola or shade structure creates an outdoor room, expanding the living space of your home and providing a comfortable area to entertain guests or relax with family.

Aesthetic Appeal

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Adding a shade structure or pergola to your outdoor space can enhance your property's beauty and value while adding a unique and attractive feature to your yard.

Improved Energy Efficiency Icon

Improved Energy Efficiency

A strategically placed shade structure or pergola can help to block direct sunlight from entering your home, reducing indoor temperatures and your need for air conditioning.

Versatility Icon


Shade structures and pergolas can be designed in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes to fit any outdoor living space or budget.

Low Maintenance Icon

Low Maintenance

Shade structures and pergolas require little maintenance and are designed to withstand the elements, ensuring they will look great for years to come.

Increased Property Value

Increased Property Value

Adding a shade structure or pergola to your outdoor space can increase the value of your property, making it a smart investment for homeowners.

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Build a Shade Structure for Deck With Our Team

Deck Builders Meridian ID offers various shade structures and pergola designs to shield you from the summer heat! If you are in need of vinyl or traditional cedar, we can add that to your deck or patio!

Get your free estimate for your next pergolas or shade structure project by contacting us here. We look forward to working with you in creating the pergola that best suits your yard and lifestyle.