Repair vs. Replacing Your Deck

Repair vs. Replacing Your Deck-Meridian, ID Deck Builders

Every part of the house needs regular maintenance. Depending on its function, establishing a routine of upkeep is a good investment as it will prevent expensive repairs. Even outdoor features like the garden, backyard, porch, or deck should be well maintained to increase the home’s value.

There are many ways of improving your yard’s aesthetics. But having a deck with nicely-finished wood gives visual quality not only to the yard but to the entire structure of the house. The deck also offers outdoor living benefits since it has an all-year-round functionality. Compared to other additions in your house, the cost of adding a deck is relatively inexpensive. It also does not require extensive maintenance. 

Before you host a barbeque, make sure to check the status of your deck. The deck boards may have worn down. The railings and stairs might not be secure or even. How about the style? Maybe it needs an upgrade to meet your needs. Since your deck is the place for relaxation and fun, it also requires extra care. But how do you know if deck repair or a replacement is needed? There are things to consider before you make a decision.

Consider Age and Safety

Consider Age and Safety-Deck Builders Meridian, ID

Like any part of your home, your deck also suffers from damage and aging. The older the deck, the more it is likely to be replaced. A repair may not be enough to fix the damage. There may be rotting areas caused by moisture damage. Unstable and wobbly beams can be dangerous. Old and outdated boards, railings, and stairs can cause accidents. Replacement is the best option to ensure the deck will last longer. But if the deck is new and structurally sound, you can settle for repair. 

Inspect It

The best way to check the condition of the deck is to assess the important features such as:

  • Ledger Board: This is the long, horizontal board that supports the deck attached to the house. It may collapse if the deck is badly damaged or not properly attached. 
  • Beams and Joists: These features are very important as they are considered the support system. They trap all sorts of moisture that can lead to water damage. Deck repair is recommended 
  • Fascia board: The perimeter of the deck is wrapped by a thin, wide board. This is called the fascia board. If discoloration occurs, it is an indication that moisture is trapped which causes rotting. 
  • Posts: The posts hold the deck in place above the ground. Minor issues should be addressed. Once moisture is accumulated, a replacement is needed to avoid serious damage.
  • Railing: Water decay can harm the stability of the railing. Minor issues can be repaired, but if the railing is severely damaged, a replacement may be needed. 
  • Deck surface: The feature most susceptible to damage is the surface of the deck. The sunlight, wet weather, and other elements can cause the surface to deteriorate. All these elements can also affect the structural integrity of the wood. If it’s damaged, then the other features of the deck are also affected. In this case, a repair is not recommended. It is best to have the damaged section replaced or opt for a whole new deck. 

Consider the Costs of Repair vs. Replacement

Consider the Costs of Repair vs. Replacement-Deck Builders Meridian, ID

Any home addition or improvement needs financial preparation. If your deck requires minor fixing or repair, think of a budget-friendly solution. However, if extensive repairs are needed, a total replacement may be a better option. Sometimes, repairs can be costly. If you desire safety, aesthetics, and functionality, a replacement can be more economical.

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